Lamprini + Nikos. A photoshooting in Achaia Clauss Winery.
Giorgos & Zaharoula.A wedding in Prespes, Florina /Greece.
Priscila & Chris. A photoshooting in Plaka, Athens.Greece.
Sabina & Tasos.A wedding in Kalmar, Sweden.
Eva & Nikos.A wedding in Syros, Greece.
Mina & Panos.A wedding in Patras, Greece.
Nantia & Antonis. A wedding in Patras, Greece.
Alexandra & George. A wedding in Skyros,Greece.
Kiko & Odyssey in Roma.
Sibel & Murat. A wedding in Zurich, Switzerland.
Spiros & Fotini. A wedding in Skaloma-Nafpaktos.
Vincenzo & Yesim / Zurich /2014
Rania & Aggelos. A wedding in Patras, Greece.
Erin & Hercules. A wedding in Nafpaktos, Greece.
Vicky & Takis. A wedding in Patras, Greece.
Andriani & Haris. A wedding in Anavissos.
Steve & Kathy.A wedding in Lagonisi.
Maria & Apostolis.A wedding in Poros, Greece.
Filipp + Nina. A winter wedding in Katerini.
Manos & Maike. The wedding album.
Chanel / Spring look 2014
Bill + Mary. A wedding in Glyfada.
Celia – The horse whisperer.
Our best wishes for a balanced 2014.
Dimos + Stavroula. A wedding in Mykonos.
Vivian & Michael.A wedding in Donousa island.
Ioannis / Christening . The album.
I loved you once… I’ll love you for ever. A wedding in Mykonos, Greece .
Kate & Khalid. A wedding in Pilio, Greece.
John & Faye.A pre wedding in Glyfada, Greece.
Little Nikolas.Baby shooting.
Sotiris & Meropi. A wedding in Kyparisia.
Hector & Athinais.A wedding in Drama,Macedonia. The album
A wedding in Paxoi.
I saw her through the grapevine
A wedding in Lesvos.